The London Stock Exchange.

Sealand’s Registrar is Computershare.

The Pavilions

Bridgwater Road


United Kingdom

Sealand has not adopted a dividend policy with respect to future dividends, and does not currently intend to pay cash dividends on its common shares. Any future determination related to Sealand’s dividend policy will be made at the discretion of its board of directors.

Potential investors should be able to acquire shares through their stockbroker. If you do not have a stockbroker, it is possible to buy shares from a reputable online share dealing service. A list of online trading services is available at http://www.thetoptens.com/best-online-trading-companies/

The fiscal year end for Sealand is 31st December.

These are made available by visiting this link on our website: Financial Reports.

Keep it safe. A share certificate in your name is evidence of your ownership of shares. Unless your shares are held in electronic format, you will need your share certificate when you wish to sell or transfer your shares. If you lose your share certificate or it has been stolen, you should contact the company’s registrar immediately. You may need to pay an administrative fee or other charge to obtain a replacement certificate.