Our Story

Sealand Capital Galaxy Limited (Stock Code SCGL) was registered in the Cayman Islands in 2015 with a capital of GBP 3,000,000, and subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Board, with its primary business activities being that of investments and acquisitions in the IT and digital sectors.

The IT sector worldwide has been one of, if not the major key driver of capital investments over the past 20 years. The shift of corporate value from tangible to non-tangible assets is witness to this evolution.

With the rise of China and thereby the economic progress of the APAC region in the recent decades, the infiltration of information technology in these regions is evident. Sealand believes the window of opportunity for the next wave of capital gains is imminent, driven by the proliferation of mobile connectivity and infrastructure in these regions.

The Company’s board of directors comprises experienced personnel from IT, management and corporate finance backgrounds and, with their combined experience, we seek to make investments in the geographical markets of Emerging Asia, primarily comprising China and South East Asia.

Our mission is to provide financial and strategic support to entrepreneurs and companies with unparalleled access to funding, management, overseas business development opportunities and exposure to our network, with the aim of generating optimal returns for both investee companies and our shareholders.